How to clean leather sofa?

Steam cleaner effective removes stains, dirt, mold, and soil of a leather sofa. Steam cleaning removes approximately 98% of dirt from the leather sofa and also provides a friendly atmosphere free from harsh chemicals. Steam cleaning leather sofa helps to protect its sheen by preventing the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning. The high steam cleaner waterworks by loosening and dissolving surface dirt, and in the process, it brightens the colors of the fabric.

Some steps that one can follow when cleaning a leather sofa using a steam cleaner.

1. Remove the cap of the steamer’s boiler and then fill the boiler with water and safely close it with the cap. Attach the hose which contains the steamer gun. Ensure you active the safety lock if the steamer gun has one then plug in the steamer on to an electric socket. Allow for the water to heat up.

2. Perform a patch test on an inconspicuous area such as a section at the back of the sofa; this is to make sure that the hot water doesn’t damage the leather. Vacuum clean the sofa to remove any loose dirt and debris. Thoroughly clean the sofa if it has removable cushions remove them to properly clean the sofa. Use the crevice nozzle to clean in between the gaps at the back and onto the sides.

3. Use a microfiber cloth, fold it into a thick cleaning pad, and then attach it to the tool which is recommended by the manufacturers for upholstery. Then deactivate the safety lock on the steam cleaner’s gun. Release all the steam into a basin, ensure that there is no water which is left in the hose. Then attach a cleaning pad to the steam cleaner gun.

4. Gently clean inconspicuous small areas of the sofa using the microfiber cleaning pad attached to the steam gun. Then reactivate the safety lock. Inspect the area you have cleaned after15 minutes, and if you are satisfied by the results achieved you can now clean the rest of the sofa in the same way.

5. Leave the sofa to air dry. Leave the steam cleaner to completely cool before removing the excess water from the boiler and detaching the hose. Then clean the microfiber cloth with detergent and warm water. Ensure you don’t use fabric softener on the microfiber cloth as this will damage the cloth.

6. Vacuum cleaning the sofa once again after it has dried, this helps to remove loose dirt that was not picked by the microfiber cloth.

Steam cleaner’s microfiber cloth should be regularly changed during cleaning; this is because they become dirty fast. This is because the microfiber cloth is used to collected loosen dirt by the steam cleaner. You can also pretreat the sofa before vacuum cleaning this is by mixing a small amount of vinegar and linseed oil in hot water and using a clean cloth wipe the sofa. If the sofa is old, you can pretreat it using alcohol. Ensure you open the windows when cleaning this is to prevent the steam from building up inside the house and also allow the sofa to completely air dry. Carefully read the manufacturer’s instruction on how to use the steam cleaner.